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A tool for composing and performing real-time and mixed electronic works using the SuperCollider language. It helps a composer to organise processes and musical material in bundles (cues) and execute them when needed during the course of a piece. It is particularly applicable to musical works incorporating real-time electronics and acoustic instruments; it may also be handy in any scenario where the composer wishes to organise, schedule and trigger bundles of processes.

Here’s a link to a preview of the tutorial & to a quick look video.
Download a conference paper discussing the use of CuePlayer for composition of mixed electronic works.

Install it as a quark from within SuperCollider via executing Quarks.install("CuePlayer"); or download it from GitHub, unzip & and place the folder inside "~/Library/Application Support/SuperCollider/Extensions/".

🌵 Cactus


A style agnostic framework for creative coding using the SuperCollider audio programming language. At its most basic level it will:

  • Create a project file structure with configuration, initialisation and cleanup files.
  • Create a buffers folder from which it collects all sound files and make them available through an intuitive interface.
  • Allow for defining quickstart templates for different types of projects using a (very) basic templating engine.
  • Allow for the creation and access of modules of sound processes (not available yet).

Check it out on GitHub.