Sepcot – Sentence Production & Comprehension Toolkit

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Included Languages: English, Français, Español, Ελληνικά


Icon-76@2xSepcot is an iPad application for people with aphasia. It is aimed at speech and language therapists for the diagnosis and therapy of patients, but can also be used with guidance by the aphasic individuals who confront difficulties in comprehending and producing words and sentences due to neurological damage (for example after stroke) or developmental disorder. The objective is to encourage these people to clarify and use the semantic and syntactic features of reversible active sentences.

The exercises consist of simple linear drawings which depict concrete actions, figures/characters and verb-symbols that can be used in multiple ways during treatment allowing the user to work on four different levels:

1. Sentence comprehension & production of Subject-Verb-Object (SVO) structure
2. Comprehension of thematic and syntactic roles
3. Verb comprehension
4. Event comprehension

Credits: George Karamanlis, Eleanna Kotsikou, Marie-Thérèse Pipilis, Cristina Nogales,  Christine Astaniou, Artemis Ziaka