Audio & Music Products and Services


We provide sound design, computer programming, post production and composition services for artistic projects where sound is an important aspect. Find out more by watching our video and scroll down for more information. If you are looking for our sampler instruments you can jump directly to the relevant product: Eastern Flavour, Kanun, Santur, Mandolin, Cretan Saz, Oud, Bouzouki.

Custom Audio Software Development

We create custom processes for live electronics, installations, or anything else you can dream of using the SuperCollider programming language for audio synthesis and processing.

Sound Design

We provide sound design services for Dance, Theatre, Multimedia Performances, Art Installations and Film. We use standard audio editing software but also lower level text-based programming languages to design unique sound effects and interactive environments.

Music Composition

We provide music, both electronic and instrumental, for Dance / Theatre Performances, Film and the Web. Some short pieces for Multimedia can be currently purchased through Envato Market. If you're interested in commissioning a new piece for your project you may send us an email.

Open Source

We love open source. We're quite happy to share particular software and audio stuff we've made under the creative commons license, especially the ones that relate to our own research. Have a look at our current and past projects.

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FasmaTwist was founded in 2014 by two Music Technology enthusiasts. We’re a small UK company currently based in Cambridge. We hold our PhD’s in Electronic Composition & Sonic Arts and try to balance our time between professional practice and research.

In addition to the services and products found on this site we are actively exploring real-time Generative Sound Environments, Electroacoustic Composition, Audio Software Development, Installation Art and Human-Machine Interaction. We're trained composers but also competent programmers. We would happily undertake creative projects that explore sound in unusual ways.